Monday, February 22, 2010

The Thrill of the chase

Few things mean more to baseball fans than the dying days of cold winter who spawn into warm spring mornings. Spring is not only time for birth, but rebirth, when all the memories, good and bad, are gone. When everyone's team is in first place. Topps Heritage always ushers in the spring and this year is going to prove to be very exciting. Mostly because topps has leaked very little about what is actually going to be in 2010 Topps Heritage. In a few days, my blogosphere friends, the hunt will be on! I am anticipating a Wednesday release of topps heritage. I will be hopefully getting mine then if everything goes well, that gives us 2 days to get ready.

If you are a player collector you will want to get busy early. There will be a fury of Heritage opened the first week and a half, many of those collectors will be looking to make a profit early, so keep your eye out for that key card or you might miss it. Many of the people who buy Heritage on ebay put them straight into personal collections, never to see the light of day again! Rarer dual autographed cards will command high prices, so watch out. You should have a good shot at the chrome player "set" of a certain player, that is one chrome, one refractor and one black refractor, even though the latter of the three will cost you as the print run will be only 61. Also be expected to pay well for the red ink autographs...and remember, they are all live this year, no redemptions!

The largest group of hunters will of course be set collectors, not only master set builders but chrome and refractors set builders. Finding a group of traders is the best way to complete your sets. I'll suggest the Freedom Card Board, there will be plenty of traders there ready to help you out with your needs. The great thing about heritage is there is very little waste, someone will be looking for those chromes and short prints, and even the box toppers and stamps. If you go the conservative route and buy off ebay, be prepared to pay a premium early, but prices will come down later on, of course buying off ebay takes the thrill of the pack rip out, but sometimes finding the set for that great price can be exciting also. Also be real careful, those high priced super short prints will be flying (and trading) under the radar the first week of the release. Those who study the set and do their homework can sometimes find these ahead of everyone else and if you do, you will make a killing. (hint: don't forget the checklist cards!)

The last part of the hunt will happen in a another week or so...the retail hunt- searching the targets and walmarts for retail. In the past those early packs have been chock-full of goodies. I have come to the conclusion a long time ago that early retail packs have the best odds for pulling the best cards and after a month or so the blaster boxes and packs are really dead. Some of my best autograph cards have come from these early target packs.

Do you smell it heritage dogs? That is the smell of gum. Now go get it!

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