Thursday, March 31, 2011

Q&A with Clay Luraschi + Variation Info

Today we have a special Q&A with Topps rep Clay Luraschi. He will answer some of the burning questions collectors have had about the new 2011 topps heritage. Here we go!

Q) The 2011 issue of topps heritage brings a lot to the table this year, lets start with what wasn't in the product...first the gum. What happened to the gum?

We’ve received a lot of requests over the past couple of years from collectors asking us to remove the gum and to replace it with an extra card. At first, we were hesitant to do this, because we really wanted to stay true to the original product. Eventually, after reviewing it with buyers and consumers, it made more sense from a value standpoint to take out the gum and put in an additional card.

Q) The chrome set was missing many of the stars. Why did topps feel they could leave those names out? Will they appear in other products in the future?

Yes, the Heritage Chrome Parallel will be continued in 2011 Topps Chrome baseball starting with card # 101.

Q) Why the addition of the unnumbered green refractor cards. Did you mean to issue them as one per case hot boxes?

We thought it would be fun to have an additional layer of the GREEN TINT since that’s a big part of the 1962 set. And yes, it’s a one per case hot box.

Q) It appears like the super short prints ARE out there. How great of an eye are we going to have to have to spot them? Care to tell us how many there are?

See below. We released this today

Q) The addition of Sandy Koufax might be the biggest news of the product. How hard was it to secure a deal with Mr. Koufax? Did he only sign blue inked cards?

Koufax and Aaron only signed in blue and their autographed card is much shorter than the rest.

Q) Topps witnesses all their autograph to assure the collector of their authenticity. Who is the poor soul who has to go out there and sit with all these legends and talk to them while they sign cards? LOL

We have reps in different regions. The older players always have amazing stories and are always great to work with. I’ve personally done a couple of signings with the older players and they are a lot of fun.



*Base Cards 426-500 are short printed and can be found 1:3 packs.*Replicating the original 1962 Topps , there are short printed GREEN TINT variations. Subjects include cards 110-158 and 160-196. These are found in hobby boxes only.
*There is also a BLUE TINT variation (found at Wal-Mart) and a RED TINT variation (found at Target) featuring the same subjects. These are also short printed.
*Collectors can also find GREEN REFRACTOR parallels (100 subjects) that are only found in Green Refractor Hot Boxes. These Hot Boxes are 1 per hobby case.
*And at retail outlets, collectors can find a special 100-card BLACK BORDERED parallel. They are exclusive to the $8.99 3-pack blister.
*There are 6 short printed ERROR VARIATIONS, which mimic the original set:
* Alex Rodriguez (Photo Reversed w/ bat in left hand image attached)
* David Wright (Cincinnati Reds)
* Joba Chamberlain (Card # 139)
* Bengie Molina (Wrong birthday)
* Ryan Zimmerman (Wrong batting average)
* Vlad Guerrero (Listed as Pitcher on card back)

*And exclusive to hobby boxes, there is a special 10-card JACKIE ROBINSON STORY variation that has the look and feel of the Babe Ruth Story insert. In addition, there is a relic version of each card numbered to 42.


  1. Went to my local rip-off of a hobby store and got my first (and probably only) hobby box. I say "probably only" because it had one of the Jackie Robinson relic cards (#141). Doubt I'd pull something that nice again from a hobby box so it's back to jumbo's for me!