Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Big Heritage Pull Yankee Style

I have a large collection of topps heritage cards. Some of them are worth big money and others are worth less, but my favorite cards are ones that have a story. I was out today buying a few more boxes of topps heritage from one of my local card shops. I stopped in a parking lot to bust them. It is a scene I know all too well. Sitting in my car throwing topps heritage wrappers all over the place. I had opened the first box and met the dreaded GU card early in the rip. The chrome hits were all on the bottom which made the box not too fun to open. The second box was an odd box. I started off with a black chrome of Daniel Hudson turned around in the pack. The next pack featured ANOTHER black chrome of Jordan Zimmerman. Next was the dreaded game used card, but it wasn't done. Sure enough at the bottom a redemption card for a Whitey Ford quarter! That was a pretty darn good box. The third box started off rough, nothing through 20 packs. I knew I was running out of packs and hadn't even gotten any chrome cards yet. The 20th pack was finally a chrome card. The next pack was a refractor card. The second to the last pack felt a little thick. I was a bit perturbed knowing that I had pulled another game used and that it won't be autographed. I slide back the card slowly but the card did not look like the other GU cards I had pulled..then I noticed the work Yankees. Pulling back the cards I could not believe what I had staring back at me, a very rare dual game used card of Curtis Granderson and Roger Maris AND it was numbered 61/63. One of those cards you won't forget. I was in my car probably acting like a fool, but it was a nice feeling. What good memories do you have of that big heritage pull?

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