Saturday, February 14, 2009

Birthday Wishes

So it just so happens that my Birthday falls around the same day that Topps Heritage is released. A few years that has meant actually seeing the product on my Birthday. Back in 2004 I had a special surprise. I had been to my local Walmart almost everyday trying to find topps heritage. The first spotting of retail product is usually a big deal to us heritage guys. It was my Birthday and I hadn't seen any topps heritage for days. I walked into this store at around midnight and sure enough topps heritage was sitting there like presents under the Christmas tree. Blaster boxes, and packs and everything.
I often have wondered what the cashiers think when you bring a bunch of boxes of baseball cards up to the register to buy. Do they wonder why anyone would spend that much money on cardboard? Over the years I have gotten some funny reactions when the total price comes up.
Well I had bought my stuff for the night and parked myself on one of the benches inside the store. As you can imagine there isn't a whole lot of action at midnight, so I wasn't bothered at all. I began to rip and marvel at this new set. Taking in the aroma of gum and cardboard. Seeing the white of a game used cards that contrasts the dark base cards.
All of a sudden there it first autograph of the year, none only than Don Newcombe! Don was an important cog in the Dodgers championship run. He was one of the better autographs in the set and I was very happy to pull one. Sometimes I wonder what someone walking by would of thought of a grown man sitting at midnight on a bench with wax packs all around him greatly smiling? I really didn't care, I had a memory that will be with me forever.

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