Saturday, March 14, 2009

7th and Final Heritage Super Short Print Found

The 7th and final super short print in 2009 topps heritage has just shown up. It features Adrian Gonzalez with the the Rangers logo on the front of the card. These super short prints are not numbered but appear to be very very rare. Most of these
commanding 150 to 250 dollars in ebay auctions. I think many of these will be missed by casual pack rippers and many may be found in the commons box. The 7 super short prints are:

#58 Conner Jackson with the Rays Logo on front
#70 Tom Glavine with his first name spelled "Thom"
#102 Adrian Gonzalez with the Rangers Logo on front
#346 Fred Lewis picture on front is Randy Winn
#407 Randy Winn pictured on front is Fred Lewis
#445 John Smoltz pictured in Red Sox uniform
#488 Hanley Ramirez AS pictured in Red Sox uniform

Caution to all, there are people on ebay attempting to pass off the Aramis Ramirez
card as a variation, while his chrome card has his complete name on the front the regular base card only has Aramis. There is NO VARIATION of this card.

Good Luck checking your commons box!


  1. What's up dude - Pettitte is indeed spelled incorrectly on the front - at least on my card; my card (#35), it's spelled "Pettite" - it's missing the last "t." I can send you a scan if you want. :)

  2. This is true for all the cards, there is not a corrected version of this card. Thanks!!