Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smoltz Variation Take II

I was just informed by my friend Brent that he just pulled another variation. This one of John Smoltz in a Red Sox uniform. It features the lighter back just like the
other ones. He should have it on ebay soon. It appears for now the key to the
super short prints are the light colored backs! Check your cards!


  1. another great heritage product,not sure if this is the place to ask,but i am 2 cards away from completing the entire chrome run from 01 to 07 and 12 away from the bowman 01 and 02 including the golds.if anyone can help plmk. just found this blog,not familar with how they work,but i too am a heritage nut.does anyone else miss the hockey?

  2. I have a large assortment of heritage singles
    from all years. Let me know what you are looking for!